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Birding at West Rutland Marsh

Experience the preserved habitat of rare and protected bird species and learn how these important animals survive and thrive.

A designated Important Bird Area, West Rutland Marsh is an essential habitat for many  bird species. It is a preserved site that works to make sure the ecosystem within it can survive and thrive and is home to particularly rare species.

Rare Birds in the West Rutland Marsh

The West Rutland Marsh is perfect for bird-watching and experiencing nature in an ethical way. Only in the West Rutland Marsh can you find the Virginia Rail, the Sora, the American Bittern, the Marsh Wren, the Least Bittern, and the Sedge Wren.

West Rutland Marsh Monitoring Walk

This monthly bird monitoring walk allows you to see birds from 155 species. The West Rutland Marsh has been labeled an Important Bird Area (IBA) because of the various types of birds visitors can see. The walk takes the visitors through a 3.7 mile loop around the marsh on dirt and paved roads. Visitors are able to go only half way if they desire. All participants must meet at the marsh boardwalk on Marble Street at 7am. The dates for the 2019 season are Thursday, May 23 and Saturday, June 22.

Getting Involved

The West Rutland Marsh is maintained through the efforts of the Rutland County Audubon. Birds and their habitats are victims to the ever-changing world. Because of this, the Audubon is fighting back to protect the birds. With a donation through their website,, anyone can fight back along with them. There are also other opportunities to help through their meetings and events. While all activities are free, becoming a member allows you to take part in the effort in environmental education and protection.

Take Amtrak to the West Rutland Marsh

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