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Art Public

Art Public in Montréal is a twist on the modern art museum.

There is no actual Art Public building. Rather, guests get to explore the streets of Montréal in a scavenger hunt style of self-guided tours around the city to locate public artwork. There is no hefty price tag for entry because you are roaming the streets and tours can be done whenever is convenient to you.

They showcase public artwork from all around Montréal in hopes to connect artists from all over the world with stakeholders. Public art refers to pieces that are permanently placed on public areas. This can mean sculptures, murals, photos and technological artwork.

Some of the oldest public art in Montréal dates back to the early 1800s. Art Public has been responsible for the conservation, development and promotion of these pieces since 1989 and they work very closely with private, city and government partners to continue to promote art and flood the streets of Montréal with color.

Their website lists out all the pieces of public art that they feature. It also lists out numerous self-guided tours you can take on your own to various areas around Montréal. These tours can take up to an hour, but some are as short as thirty minutes.

The tours can be done on multiple forms of transportation. These modes include train, bike or walking. Some tours also include a certain time of day that is best to see the artwork they feature. Some tours recommend being done once the sun sets, while others can be done during the daytime. Each stop on the virtual tours provide information on the artist, the piece and the location.

Art Public also holds contests for artists. Artists get to compete for the opportunity to have their art featured in the form of submitting a portfolio to paint a mural or put up a sculpture that will be featured on their tours.

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