Shoebox Treasures at the Baseball Hall of Fame

A new permanent exhibit dedicated to simple treasures—baseball cards! Explore a generation of cards dating back to the beginning of America's National Pastime.

Photo Courtesy of The National Baseball Hall of Fame Website

The National Baseball Hall of Fame preserves the history of baseball. It connects generations who know baseball to be more than a game, but part of America’s story as well as their own stories. The Museum exhibits draw from a collection of 40,000 lovingly preserved artifacts and more than 3 million library items to bring the stories of baseball to life. Beginning May 25th a brand new exhibit, Shoebox Treasures, will have a permanent home in the Museum.

Shoebox Treasures

Spanning more than 700 square feet of space on the Museum’s third floor, Shoebox Treasures examines the history, design and production of cards, the 1980s boom that turned a child’s hobby into a multi-million dollar industry, and the joy and camaraderie that so many collectors have found in the hobby.

Hundreds of Museum visitors said they wanted to see an exhibit on baseball cards, and so the exhibit was created to articulate the complete history of the hobby. Visitors can see and learn about cards from the early days of 19th century tobacco cards all the way to today’s glossy keepsakes.

Shoebox Treasures will be a major part of the continuing Museum lineup and is included with regular Hall of Fame admission. The Baseball Hall of Fame welcomes diehards and enthusiasts, the casual and curious, all year round!

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