Canada’s most populous city and the fourth most populous city in North America is Toronto, located in the province of Ontario on the western end of Lake Ontario. Recognized as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world, Toronto fosters business, arts and culture. Toronto’s rich diversity is symbolic of its importance as a destination for immigrants to Canada as well as its significance as a tourist spot, attracting over 43 million each year. A number of museums can be found throughout the city, including the Royal Ontario Museum, which tells a story of world culture and natural history, and the Gardiner Museum, the only museum in the world dedicated solely to ceramics. Sports fans can indulge in the city’s many athletic teams, including the Toronto Maple Leafs, one of the NHL’s Original Six clubs, and the Toronto Raptors who recently won their first NBA title in 2019. While Toronto is home to many skyscrapers, none of these compares to the CN Tower, which held the record for the tallest freestanding structure on land for over 30 years. Midtown Toronto houses the Gothic Revival-style mansion, Casa Loma, which is a majestic landmark visitors will not want to miss. As for the food attractions, Alo offers modern French cuisine and is recognized as Toronto’s best bar and restaurant, while Grey Gardens, located in bohemian neighborhood, Kensington Market, is known for its upscale seafood-forward dishes.

By Kayla Sexton

Travel to Ontario by Rail with Amtrak

Vibrant city of historic villages. Elegant. Energetic. Multicultural. Culinary feast. Shopping haven. Starting points: Niagara Falls, St. Catherines, Grimsby, Aldershot and Toronto.












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Visiting Toronto, Ontario with Amtrak is an easy and convenient method of traveling. The Maple Leaf line takes train travelers across the border to Canada’s Niagara Falls (NFS), St. Catharines (SCA), Grimsby (GMS), Aldershot (AST), Oakville (OKL) and Toronto (TWO) stations.