Pratt Rock

Visit Pratt Rock for a hike with beautiful views of the Catskills and discover carvings in the rocks memorializing Zadock Pratt. Visit the Zadock Pratt Museum to learn more about local history while you're in the area!

Take a hike through the Catskills, witness breathtaking views of the valley below, and learn a little history while at Pratt Rock. Sometimes called New York’s Mount Rushmore, the hike features carvings into the rocks from between 1842 and 1864 which memorializing the life of Zadock Pratt. Pratt Rock was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992.

Who was Zadock Pratt? There are many more Americans that had an influence on the early United States than are remembered in the history textbooks, and Pratt is one of the forgotten figures. He served in the New York militia in the early 1800s and founded a tannery, and with it the town of Prattsville. Pratt went on to serve in the United States House of Representatives, where he introduced the idea of the transcontinental railroad. He later founded a bank in his town. Pratt Rock creates a short story of his life with depictions of Pratt himself, a horse, a hemlock tree, the tannery he founded, the family coat of arms, and a wreath with the names of his children among other carvings. To view these carvings, there is a short 3.1-mile round-trip. This hike is at a high elevation which allows for scenic views of the Catskills and the Schoharie Creek as well! It is recommended to hike here from April until October, as in the winter months the trail can be more difficult and dangerous to hike. 

To learn more about Zadock Pratt, his legacy, and the history, culture and importance of the local area while visiting, head over to the nearby Zadock Pratt Museum. The museum offers a variety of exhibits, programs and events.

Please Note: The Zadock Pratt Museum is currently closed due to COVID-19. Check the museum’s Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.

“This place is pretty cool, it’s got a nice overlook and place to swim as well as stone carvings in the side of the rocks!”

—Dallas K., Google

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