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Pine Hill Park

Pine Hill Park is a 17-mile trail perfect for biking, walking and exploring.

The trail runs year-round with various activities that coincide with the seasons. Mountain biking, running, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are all activities open to the public to try.

In addition to these adventurous activities, the trails have multiple spots to Geocache. Geocaching is like a scavenger hunt. Seekers use a GPS to find items hidden and explore the trails and other areas to try and find them. Usually once people find an item, they leave something behind with it, like a note or a coin. With its 325-acre space, there is a whole days-worth of things to go hunting for.

The park also offers races for those looking for something to appease the appetite of their competitive side. These races are open to people of all ages and are usually for bikers or runners.

Pine Hill Park is always looking for volunteers to help keep the park looking pristine and expand it to have even more trails. If people want to help out, but can’t donate their time, they have a program called the Pine Hill Partnerships to help financially support the park.

There are different levels of membership with the cheapest being fifty dollars and the most expensive being 75. They come with some other perks too, like a t-shirt and free entry into some of the events they host.

The park pays a lot of attention to its nature. It is home to tons of Vermont wildlife. They work with local naturalists to identify some of the plants and animals and compile a list for people to see what is lurking in their woods.

The park is open daily from dawn to dusk. Animals are allowed so long as they are on a leash and Guests are encouraged to not pick any flowers or plants and to clean up any messes they might make.

“This is one of my favorite places to ride when I’m in Vermont. The trails are well marked and well maintained. Some nice climbs, good technical stuff both uphill and downhill and trails for most level of riders. Some beautiful Vermont scenery as well.”

—Ken, Singletracks

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