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Niagara Wine Trail USA

Niagara Wine Trail USA includes 22 wineries offering tours and tastings. This grape-growing region has a unique microclimate, producing a diverse selection of wines, meads and ciders.

Production of Wine at Niagara Wine Trail USA

Located right between the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario, this region enjoys the second longest growing season for grapes in the state of New York. The longer the growing season the grapes are in, the higher quality of taste. Therefore, Niagara Wine Trail USA is one of the best at producing wine in the area. Wines like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc are the top wines produced at the trail. Along with these, the grapes are also used to help produce fruit wines, meads and ciders, ensuring that there is something to try for everyone who would like to enjoy the unbeatable flavor in every grape.

Upcoming Events at Niagara Wine Trail USA

Enjoy the numerous events throughout the year hosted at this trail such as the 10th Annual Niagara USA Wine Festival on July 28 and July 29. Have tastings of endless different wines from wineries all over the area, as well as food and trivia to go along with it. You can celebrate the harvesting season on September 22 and September 23 this year with plenty of food and wine samples at participating wineries. Come visit the fall beauty of the trail on October 20 and October 21 for Hallowine Murder Mystery, where participants are required to go around collecting clues until they solve the murder mystery.

Tours of the Wine Trail at Niagara Wine Trail USA

Come with a group of friends and families and enjoy all of the wineries and taste your way through Niagara Wine Trail USA. Make sure to check out the trail’s tasting tips on their website for your tour so that you have the best experience possible. With countless, car, bus and limousine services listed on the website, make sure your group pulls up in style to enjoy an awesome day of fun, food, and wine. Restaurants and lodging are littered throughout the area, so make sure to make it a great stay even when you leave the trail!

“We have been to every winery on the Niagara Wine Trail and love almost every one of them. It’s great to know such good wines are made right here in Niagara County and we have such nice people working in the wineries. If you visit western NY, the Niagara Wine Trail is a must visit.”

—Sue W., TripAdvisor

Take Amtrak to Niagara Wine Trail USA

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Tasting Tips from Niagara Wine Trail USA

  • Every bar on the wine trail will be providing a spill bucket. These are there for any unwanted wine that you may have. Take advantage of this since it is placed on the bar for your convenience.
  • Neutral food like crackers are essential when wine tasting to help cleanse your palate. Although these are provided by some wineries on the trail, not all of them do so. It is highly recommended to bring your own neutral food along with you.
  • Many wines on the trail that you will taste are only available for purchase at that location. Make sure you buy one if you really enjoy it to help you keep the great flavors coming and to have a wonderful reminder of your visit to the wine trail!