Niagara Falls Observation Tower

Atop the Niagara Falls Observation Tower, enjoy panoramic views of the Niagara Gorge and the American and Canadian falls from 282 feet above.

What to Do at Niagara Falls Observation Tower

Get atop the Niagara Falls Observation Tower that gives you the best view of Niagara Falls imaginable. This tower is the only one that gives a view of all three Niagara Falls. Enjoy the view of the falls as hundreds of thousands of gallons of water rush down every second from a bird’s eye view. The platform is built over the water giving an amazing visual of the falls. The Peace Bridge is also reported to be visible from the platform. An accessible elevator brings you from the base of the tower to the top platform, which is nearly 300 feet above the falls. Make a day out of it and ride the Maid of the Mist, a boat tour of the falls, which is right at the base of the tower. Check out the gift shop in the tower as well and make sure you bring home a souvenir as a memory of your trip! Take as many pictures as you can because once you get up there, the view is one you’re never going to want to forget.


Facts About Niagara Falls Observation Tower

Many people also engage in bird watching while on the tower. Being so high up, birds are populous and almost always about in the right seasons. Falcons, eagles, and gulls have been reported to be spotted at the Niagara Gorge. The location has been deemed an Audubon Important Bird Area. The tower was built in 1961 with additions and renovations done between 2001 and 2003. The Niagara Falls Observation Tower sees around eight million visitors each year. It is built purely out of glass, steel, and aluminum.

“The observation tower allows for panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings with a focus on the Falls and the rapids which feed them. Wonderful picture taking opportunities!”

—Marisol F., Miami, FL

Take Amtrak to Niagara Falls Observation Tower

Enjoy an unmatched view of the falls from New York via Amtrak to Niagara Falls Station in Niagara Falls—Don’t forget to use the New York By Rail 15% discount!

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