Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park

Explore, hike, browse the gift shop, and enjoy other activities for the whole family at the largest marble cave entrance in the Eastern United States!

Photo Courtesy of Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park

The largest natural marble cave in the Eastern United States boasts a wide range of activities that is sure to entertain everyone in the family! Stone bridge is open to guests in the Summer and Winter. There are above ground nature trails that can be hiked and caverns to be explored!

The Rock Shop

A rock shop is open to all visitors and has a wide variety of rocks available for purchase, ranging in price from 10 cents to $10,000. At the shop visitors can experience geode cutting, geode popping, a fluorescent rock display, an extensive rock and crystal collection, a large quartz and amethyst specimens, healing rocks, fossils, meteorites, tektites, and moldavite.

Kids Activities

Kids activities include: a bouldering wall, dino dig, dancing music, a playground, gemstone mining, jewelry making, and geode popping. Visitors can also pay $3 to play beginner disc golf.

Take Amtrak to the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park

Experience the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park via Amtrak to Ticonderoga Station in Ticonderoga, NY—Don’t forget to use Amtrak’s See New York and Save 15% discount!

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