McCord Museum

Discover the fascinating and inclusive history and culture of Canada at the McCord Museum.

The McCord Museum is a public research and teaching museum dedicated to the preservation, study, diffusion, and appreciation of Canadian history.

Current Status: Temporarily Closed

Experience over three centuries of the culture and history of Montreal and the idigenous peoples of Canada at the McCord Museum in Montreal, Quebec.

Interested in fantastic and enlightening exhibitions and artifacts of the past? The McCord Museum values history and culture, especially that of the indigenous people residing in Canada since the very beginning. This museum pays homage to the indigenous people of North America with a plethora of artifacts to commemorate and celebrate them. The majority of the Indigenous Cultures collection features clothing and cultural garb, in which they have thousands of pieces. Their permanent exhibition, titled “Wearing Your Identity- The First Peoples Collection,” is just one of their examples of showcasing North American history. This exhibition focuses on the importance of cultural identity and the symbolic weight clothing carries.

Wondering what other exhibitions the museum has to offer? Alongside the incredible collection and exhibition of indigenous culture, the museum hosts a multitude of fascinating temporary exhibitions and activities. Many of these activities are interactive learning experiences that promote explicative discussion. These activities cater to adults and families, including outdoor programs, conferences and screenings. Be sure to check out the museum’s website to discover new, upcoming exhibitions.

Additionally, the McCord Museum is home to countless collections of archaeological pieces, such as artwork, photography, fashion/costumes, textiles, archives and material culture. These pieces have been collected over the course of 90 years. Be sure to inquire with the museum’s cultural mediators with any questions regarding the collections. With thousands of artifacts, it’ll be difficult for you to walk away from your visit without learning something new about something very old.

Looking for an educational experience? The museum emphasizes the importance of education and provides visitors with a hands on experience that allows people to come together and share their stories. The educational program appeals to adults and children alike from all cultural backgrounds. 

Come learn about the historical feats of North American culture at the McCord Museum. Buy your tickets and visit the museum today!

“A great museum to learn the history and culture of the indigenous people of Canada.”

—Navin, Google

Take Amtrak to the McCord Museum

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