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Lake George Expedition Park

Adventure awaits at the Lake George Expedition Park Dino Roar Valley and Magic Forest. Located only a short drive south of Lake George, experience the family fun everyone is talking about. Step back in time in Dino Roar Valley, with towering life-sized dinosaur models decorating the half mile long nature trail. Future paleontologists and archaeologists can embark on a journey of discovery and excitement through as they make their way through the valley, climbing into a dinosaur nest, digging for hidden fossils, and enjoy even more hands-on activities.  

Visitors can also explore the Magic Forest section of the park, complete with rides, shopping, shows, and other attractions. Ride the famous Magic Forest train along the tracks of the forest itself, experiencing the views of scenic Adirondacks. 

While you can visit the park any day, it is also perfect for birthdays and parties as well.  

“The dinoasaurs are amazing – so realistic!”


Take Amtrak to the Lake George Expedition Park

Step back in time with Lake George Expedition park via Amtrak to Lake George Station—Don’t forget to use the See New York and Save 15% discount!

Take Amtrak to the Lake George Station, then transfer to the Thruway bus included with your train ticket.