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Green’s Sugarhouse

Whether you're looking for granola, maple sugar, maple candy, maple cream, jams, or famous maple syrup, Green’s Sugarhouse has got you covered.

Photo Courtesy of Green’s Sugarhouse

Green’s Sugarhouse has a variety of products to offer, including granola, maple sugar, pancake mix, maple candy, maple cream, jams, and most famously, maple syrup. With different colors and tastes, Green’s Sugarhouse has a variety of maple syrups to purchase.

The Sugarhouse Story

The sugar maple tree, situated on Green’s Sugarhouse’s property, is constantly producing high quality maple all year long. The tree is influenced by the different factors the four seasons’ weather. In the summer, the green leaves combine with the sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, and soil nutrients to allow photosynthesis to produce food energy for the tree’s growth. Then, in the fall, the beautiful leaf display causes food energy to be transformed into starch. In the winter, the tree stores its starch in the roots, waiting for the warmth of spring. The starch is converted into sugar, allowing for young leaves to be produced. The sugar mixes with the moisture from the ground and produces the famous sap. All year long nature is taking its time properly preparing the decadent maple that so many have grown to love.

Sugarhouse’s History

Settled in 1774, the Green ancestors are long-time residents of Vermont. Raised around maple sugaring, Richard Green continues his family’s tradition to this day. With over 200 trees, some over 200 years old, the Green family continues the delicate process of tapping for maple.

Upcoming Events at Green’s Sugarhouse

The Lakes Region Farmer’s Market will take place from June 20 – October 3. Green’s Sugarhouse can be found at the Farmer’s Market every Thursday from 9am-2pm. It’s free to attend, and Green’s Sugarhouse will be selling maple syrup, maple candy, maple cream, maple sugar, maple spices, maple granola, and more. They also freshly make maple oatmeal bread every week exclusively for the market.

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