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Wolf Conservation Center Live Stream | New York by Rail

june, 2020

junWolf Conservation Center Live StreamMonth Long Event (june) Wolf Conservation Center, 7 Buck Run St, South Salem, NY 10590

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Wolf Conservation Center Live Stream

Enjoy Wolf Conservation Center of New York’s live webcams that feature several different breeds of wolves throughout the day.

The Wolf Conservation Center hosts several live webcams for those interested. The Wolf Conservation Center is scheduled to reopen on June 30th. All Sleeping with Wolves programs in 2020 have been cancelled.

The Wolf Conservation Center Webcams

The Wolf Conservation Center of New York is streaming a live view of their wolves on its website and YouTube channel. They have a variety of wolf breeds at the conservation center including, red wolves, mexican grey wolves and its ambassador wolves Alawa, Nikai and Zephyr. There are eight separate wolf webcams that display the variety of wolves and wolf pups the conservation center cares for.

Viewing the Webcams

These videos capture the wolves in their natural element and help to disseminate the negative misconceptions spread about them and shed light on their true nature. They are calm, gentle, playful and strong. They exist as packs and are seen caring for one another, playing together and even at times annoying each other in rather comical ways. These webcams are educational for those wanting to understand wolves in an unmediated way. Some might find the live stream entertaining as well because they give a fly on the wall view of something very rare and valuable. Wolfs no longer exist in New York and many places in the world due to hunting and destruction of habitats. These videos can remind us of why the conservation of wolves is so important because it helps us to see how special they are first hand.

How to Find the Livestream

To find the livestream, visit the Wolf Conservation Center’s website or Youtube channel.

Visit the Conservation Center via Amtrak When it Reopens on June 30th

When the Center reopens on June 30th, visit with Amtrak via the Croton-Harmon Station—Don’t forget to use the Amtrak See New York and Save 15% discount! The station is 21.1 miles away from the Center. Make sure to see what else is in the Hudson Valley.

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Month Long Event (june)


Wolf Conservation Center

7 Buck Run St, South Salem, NY 10590