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I’ve had the pleasure of publishing New York By Rail for 15 years. We began in 2004 as a print-only resource for visiting Amtrak destinations within New York, Vermont and Canada. With digital content now available at, reader interest for the print magazine hasn’t waned. We distribute as many copies today (175,000) as when we began. I’ve also visited many of the destinations featured in our magazine. I prefer train travel, which allows me to keep up with work and arrive stress-free at my destination. 

Last summer I traveled with my family to one of my favorite Amtrak destinations, Montreal. Reachable via Amtrak’s Adirondack service, with breathtaking views along the Hudson River and Lake Champlain, it’s rated a “Top 10 Most Scenic Train Ride in the World” by National Geographic Traveler. There’s no better way to enjoy fall foliage than on Amtrak’s Great Dome Car which runs September 27– November 2 along this route. 

While riding Amtrak, I often work on my laptop, using the WiFi in the café car. I meet interesting people, too. Recently I came across a group who regularly boards Train #293 heading northbound out of Penn Station. This prompted the article, “Train Pals”, which chronicles the special bond these Amtrak commuters have forged. 

I’m always fascinated when people tell me how much they love riding Amtrak and how important the train is. The Beekman Boys, Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, shared with me how they utilized Amtrak to transform a farmhouse into their new home in upstate New York. Amtrak continues to be their preferred way to travel to and from New York City. The train is also a recruitment tool, helping them lure candidates to work in upstate New York. 

I also discovered that maestro David Alan Miller, conductor of the Albany Symphony Orchestra, prefers riding Amtrak to cities on the Amtrak corridor. 

To make it easier for you to experience where Amtrak can take you, we’ve created New York By Rail Travel Packages to popular destinations like Saratoga, Lake George, Niagara Falls and Montreal. Click here to learn more. 

I hope to meet you during your next Amtrak journey in New York State! Look for me in the café car.



Thomas Martinelli
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, New York By Rail

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