On The Train: Read, Listen, Watch, Play

We got you. The New York By Rail editorial team lends a hand on the best ways to pass the time if looking out the window at the gorgeous scenery isn’t quite cutting it for the entire journey.


This is an oldie but goodie: Devil in the White City by Erik Larsen, the true story of the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago that’s filled with amazing architecture (led by Daniel Burnham) and phenomenal engineering feats (no spoilers) and a nail-biting murder spree by H. H. Holmes, the nation’s first serial killer. Read this before it hits your TV screen.

–– Kathleen Gates
Creative Director


I do most things while listening to music, my 82 Spotify playlists is Exhibit ‘A.’ Noah Kahan’s Stick Season (Forever) is one of my favorite albums, full of banjos and incredible lyrics. Taylor Swift’s albums are where I go to experience the defining pop icon of our time. Folklore is my favorit —the bridge in “Cardigan” is simply a work of art.

–– Rebecca D’Ambrosio
Associate Editor


I’m a sports and pop culture aficionado so I have two must-see bingeable picks: Netflix’s revealing (and riveting) pro golf behind-the-scenes series, Full Swing (both seasons are amazing); and the best reality series to debut in the past decade, The Traitors on Peacock. A perfect Alan Cumming hosts the addictive and excellent game of reality star cat-and-mouse. You’re welcome.

–– Richard Pérez-Feria
Editor in Chief


For those who love diving into mobile games, I highly recommend two exceptional picks: The Room series, known for its intricate puzzles and captivating storyline; and Florence, an interactive story that beautifully explores the nuances of love. Each game combines challenge with deep narrative turning your phone into an immersive experience. Ready to dive in? Thought so.

–– Stephen Aponte
Digital Director