Escape Niagara

The largest escape room complex in Western New York! Attempt to get free from masterly crafted escape rooms with unique stories and themes.

Photo Courtesy of Escape Niagara

Visit Escape Niagara and join a team of people attempting to escape from a trick room in less than 60 minutes! Each room is expertly designed with unique stories and themes that vary in difficulty. There are three escape rooms at Escape Niagara; and each offers a unique experience. The room themes include The “Z” Virus: Trying to Find the Cure, Al Capone’s Speakeasy, and the Cellar. The escape rooms are designed to force visitors to test their concentration and solving the puzzles. The puzzles are difficult, but do not require any special skill in problem solving. Escape Niagara tracks the fastest runs through each room and maintains a leader board on their website.

Take Amtrak to Escape Niagara

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