Ride Amtrak's "Great Dome" Car This Fall!

The dome car has returned to New York, but only for a limited time! What better way to get a glimpse of Upstate New York and Canada in the fall than along the Adirondack line in a train car that gives you a full view of your surroundings. This annual tradition allows passengers to see the leaves change, the beautiful bodies of water flow and the major cities of New York all while comfortable in a train car. 


The Dome!

From Sept. 29 through Nov. 1, the historic "Great Dome" car will be riding along Amtrak's Adirondack line. Enjoy the beautiful fall foliage and scenery of Upstate New York in a much more interesting way—from the comfort of a train car! The dome car travels the country, making its way onto the most scenic lines in America and giving riders a full panoramic view of the most picturesque scenery, with full windows on the side and above riders. This year the "Great Dome" will be making stops in New York City, the Hudson Valley, the Adirondacks and all the way up to Montreal.


                                                    PHOTO FROM ALBANY TIMES UNION

Passengers will get to see the most incredible wildlife and nature scenes available in the country. Hawks, bald eagles, and many other members of the avian family are all in clear sight due to the open roof. Fall is also a perfect time for passengers as they will see the giant full green trees turn into warmer colors as they shed their leaves. As the train moves further north it begins to take a route that follows the cliffs of mountains and borders the magnificent Lake Champlain and St. Lawrence River. Not to mention passengers will get to experience one of the largest mountain ranges in eastern America, the Adirondacks.

Riding with passengers are volunteers from the National Park Service Trails and Rails program. This program has been around for sixteen—going on seventeen years. The volunteers give narrative and commentary to educate and entertain the passengers. There are many historic stops along the way, like Fort Ticonderoga—what is said to be the turning point of the Revolutionary War. There are also many geographical sites to see like Saratoga Lake and Saratoga National Historic Park. The people volunteering on the dome car make the ride not only more enjoyable but more memorable.

Most importantly, do not miss out on this golden opportunity to see Upstate New York and Canada, unlike any other way. The dome car is a piece of history and will continue to service passengers through the most scenic lines in the country. So why not make some time and come ride the "Great Dome" car!


History of the Great Dome



Dome cars can be dated back to the late 19th century. However, they were not truly mastered until the 1950s. In the 60’s and 70’s, dome traveling was at its peak and Amtrak has reminded the public how great it is to travel in such fashion. Below is a photo advertising dome car and its availability for all to travel.Amtrak’s "Great Dome" dates back to 1955. Since then it has gone through two renovations and has had four different car numbers. In 1999, Amtrak renumbered the car to 10031 and is the only dome car in Amtrak’s services. Before being a part of Amtrak, car 10031 was affiliated with the Great Northern Railway and the Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad (later the Burlington Northern Railroad)—it was known as the “Ocean View.” Today the dome travels around the country and is put on the line that is considered to be the most scenic!





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